DRSN Revision Projects

The DRSN was established to develop innovative strategies and study mechanisms of tumor resistance or sensitivity to anticancer therapies that ultimately inform precision medicine clinical trials that can overcome drug resistance to anti-cancer agents.

NCI seeks to leverage the expertise in the broader NCI-funded grant portfolio (R01 Research Projects, U01 Research Projects, U54 Specialized Centers, P01 Research Program Projects, P50 Specialized Centers) to tackle drug resistance in cancer. The purpose is to support the addition of new aims and directions to currently funded NCI-funded grant portfolio in underexplored areas of basic and preclinical evaluation of therapeutic resistance. These revision applications are expected to be complementary (but not duplicative) of on-going research activities the original project and ultimately accelerate the translational success of ongoing and future clinical trials.

The DRSN Steering Committee and Coordination Center will coordinate activities, and interactions between Investigators with Revision Application projects and the various DRSN-funded components.