The DRSN currently consists of the following components:

  • DRSN Research Centers: The DRSN Research Centers (supported under RFA-CA-17-009, U54) will conduct preclinical research focused on innovative strategies to understand and combat mechanisms of tumor resistance (intrinsic or acquired) and/or to exploit tumor sensitivity to anti-cancer therapies. These strategies explore genetic and other molecular characteristics of the cancer underlying sensitivity/resistance to anticancer treatments. Preclinical discoveries resulting from research performed by DRSN research centers are expected to enable future clinical application of concepts to prevent and/or overcome cancer drug resistance within the NCI Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP) clinical trials networks. A total of 5 U54 DRSN Research Centers were funded in FY17.

  • DRSN Supplement Projects: The DRSN Supplement Projects (supported under PAR-18-752, NOT-CA-19-032, NOT-CA-20-014), through administrative supplement, encourage new interdisciplinary collaborations between outside (non-DSRN-supported) investigators and DSRN U54-supported investigators to perform research within the scientific scope(s) of their active parent grant(s) and/or cooperative agreement award(s). These collaborations between applicants and a DRSN U54 center are expected to lead to improved pre-clinical evaluations of novel discoveries in cancer drug resistance that could ultimately be tested in NCI-sponsored clinical trials. A total of 6 DRSN Supplement Projects were funded in FY18-20.

  • DRSN Revision Projects: The DRSN Revision Projects (supported under RFA-CA-19-049 R01, RFA-CA-19-050 U01, RFA-CA-19-051 U54, RFA-CA-19-052 P01, RFA-CA-19-053 P50), through administrative supplement, leverage the expertise in the broader NCI-funded grant portfolio (R01 Research Projects, U01 Research Projects, U54 Specialized Centers, P01 Research Program Projects, P50 Specialized Centers) to tackle drug resistance in cancer. The purpose is to support the addition of new aims and directions to currently funded NCI-funded grant portfolio in underexplored areas of basic and preclinical evaluation of therapeutic resistance. These revision applications are expected to be complementary (but not duplicative) of on-going research activities the original project and ultimately accelerate the translational success of ongoing and future clinical trials. A total of 2 DRSN Revision Projects were funded in FY20.

  • DRSN Coordination Center: The DRSN Coordination Center (supported under NOT-CA-20-052, U24) will support, facilitate and integrate ongoing and future collaborative activities among the DRSN-funded components. The DRSN Coordinating Center will also promote scientific outreach and research integration with other Cancer Moonshot initiatives and the larger scientific community. A total of 1 DRSN Coordination Center was funded in FY20.

  • Governance of the DRSN: The NIH program officers for DRSN include Drs. Percy Ivy, Beverly Teicher, Jeffrey Hildesheim, Jeffrey Moscow, Lyndsay Harris, Helen Chen, William (Bill) Timmer, Helen Moore, and NCI CTEP Project Managers. The DRSN will be governed by the DRSN Steering Committee. The current Chair and Vice Chair of the DRSN Steering Committee are Drs. Jeffrey Tyner and Brian Van Ness.